A Trivial Hero

About Us

     A Trivial Hero started as a band. My friends and I came together in Las Vegas, Nevada to make sense of the world through music. As our lives progressed, so did the music and - eventually - the purpose. The idea of A Trivial Hero has evolved into one of both creating art as well as supporting artists that work hard and share their unique abilities with the world. I want to highlight and celebrate the wonders we witness because we are lucky to have the opportunity.

     My name is A.J. I grew up in Las Vegas where I stayed to attend university and begin a career from a young age. Recognizing that I would hate myself if I grew up without ever taking the chance to travel and play music, I prepared to quit my job, throw my instruments in my car, and drive to anywhere that would let me play. The project eventually became Open Mic Across America which in its initial venture took me throughout the United States to perform music in over 100 venues, see countless beautiful sights, and experience immeasurable amounts of love and kindness. You can read more about that here.

     After the initial 6 month road trip, I returned home to figure out the next step. For me, there is more to life than the comforts of a 9 to 5 job with steady pay. Creativity is what sustains me, and I want to use my talents to bring more love and life into this world. I want to bring attention to the many worthy acts I have come across during my travels and performances, hoping to inspire others to pursue a life more full of... living. A list of wonderful things I have discovered along my journey can be found here.

     For now, I continue to write, record, and perform, spreading my messages by whatever means I can. I hope that you check back in as there will be frequent updates to the music pages, as well as other links and creations and live videos.