A Trivial Hero


    There is something about a live performance that is completely different from a recorded track. Performing is a major outlet to share creativity. Though watching videos is still different from witnessing it in the flesh, this is where you can find links to live performances. Enjoy!


Full Band Stuff

Feature spots for Starving Artists LV and the Human Experience

Stripped Down Sessions with Punks in Vegas

Open Stage in Dallas, Texas

Little Man, Little Guitar

Video series performing original songs on a small, travel, acoustic guitar. Check it!

Episodes 1 and 2: "Forget the Ellipsis" and "Surviving the Vortex"

Episodes 3 and 4: "Underestimating Cinzia" and "Such Flava"

Episodes 5 and 6: "Mensch" and "Cheers"

Episode 7: "Today, You Get a Song"